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The composition of 5 plies of natural wood combined with 2 ALC fibers directly above the core veneer Innerforce Technology allow for a softer touch and increased ball dwell time during topspin play. The increased dwell time supports passive control and soft topspin shots alike.

Innerforce Layer ALC. S is designed according to the concept of the popular Innerforce Layer ALC blade — but it moves one step further. The thinner core layer provides reduced weight, a lower vibration property and a softer touch, recommended for an offensive playing style focused on spin.

Innerforce Layer ZLC Innerforce experience with ZL-Carbon The Innerforce Layer ZLC blade offers a completely new experience — its carbon fibers are located closer to the core which makes the overall blade feel softer without losing the ZL-Carbon characteristics such as lightness, flexibility and speed.

Innerforce Layer ALC Innerforce experience with Arylate-Carbon The Arylate-Carbon fibers are located closer to the core, which lends the blade a softer touch and a stunning feel for the ball. Arylate-Carbon fibers dampen vibrations and allow for dynamic play and precise placement. However, no high-performance rackets will be produced only by attaching some special materials without analysis; balance is crucial to make the best product. This enhances the strengths of ZLC blades even more. Blades with Super ZLC fibers are fast with high precision and a direct touch, yet produce a fantastic feeling for any spin play.

Linking ZL-Fibers and carbon increases the stability and stiffness of the blade and results in a bigger sweet spot and less energy loss around the edges. ZLC blades are usually stable and fast with a harder touch that allows very precise play as well as spinny top spins. In comparison to softer blades, especially all-wood blades, the ball dwell time of ZLC blades is reduced, requiring a certain degree of technical skill to produce high amounts of spin. ZL-Fiber is a remarkably thin and hardened material lending speed, lightness and a homogenous bounce to the blade.

Blades with ZLF are commonly known for their lightness and controlled, soft touch with an increased ball dwell time that makes it easier to actively create spin compared to harder blades.

Butterfly Pictures version 2

Arylate-Carbon is a fiber used in many popular Butterfly blades and is used to produce stability and precision while providing increased ball dwell time compared to harder blades. Tamca is a carbon fiber, enhancing stability and precision of a blade, enabling the production of fast and dynamic blades with a moderate weight.

Usually, T blades are fast, direct and precise with a hard touch, supporting especially powerful fast play close to the table. As a result, the precision of the blade is increased, as is the feeling of control during active play. With a high thickness of approx.

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Mazunov Straight attack A 5-ply blade with strong points in direct and precise offensive play. The A. Mazunov blade uses harder surface veneers resulting in a direct touch that provides precision and punch almost unequalled among other all-wood blades. Petr Korbel Powerful natural blade The classic 5-ply all-wood Petr Korbel is a jack of all trades and has excited fans for many years.

Its relatively soft core combined with strong outer veneers provide control for a dynamic and powerful play. Also available with smaller handle XXS version. Boll Control In control The Boll Control blade provides stability and security for the passive play and assists in well-controlled attacking shots.

Andrzej Grubba A classic allround blade Another classic Butterfly bestseller: The Andrzej Grubba with its easy handling and perfect feedback assists the allround player in any situation. It is made to fit players opting for variable spin attack. Its enlarged sweet-spot and stiffness support precise play in all situations.

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Balsa Carbo X5 Uniting opposites Using a Balsawood core creates the fast and tremendous touch of the famous 3-ply Balsa Carbo X5, while the two carbon fibers lend stability and precision to this offensive blade, used best for controlled blockshots combined with fast topspins. Defensive talent The Diode V fulfils all requirements posted to a successor of the popular Joo Saehyuk blade.

Its 5-ply composition using hard surface veneers and the enlarged blade head support modern defensive play while providing power for offensive shots as well. Isotype of Butterfly Blades Wood is a natural raw material. As such, variations in density resulting from varying growing conditions of trees are to be expected and can influence the actual weight of a blade.

At Butterfly, we strife to make sure these weight variations are kept at a minimum, however variations of a few grams in weight of a blade may occur. Therefore, we refrain from stating a specific weight within our catalogue. Plywood composition 3 PLY. A high vibration property in general signifies faster vibration of the blade on contract with the ball and denotes a blade with a harder touch. With the help of this device an exact measurement is possible.

Instructions and storage case are included. It can increase the dwell time on the blade, resulting in higher amounts of spin. Glue bottle, clips and sponge for application. Rubber Care Cleaning sponge.

Use the soft yellow part to remove grease, use the blue part for intense cleaning. Table Cleaner A liquid developed using latest biological techniques. Pump Spray. A liquid developed with latest biological aspects. Stainless removal of dust, dirt and grease from the rubber surface. The even roundness and hardness result in a reliable bounce and high durability. Ball Collection Net Amigo With telescopic handle. The substitute net head only is also available upon request. Its aspiration: Training and preparation for competition on the highest level, without missing out on quality or durability.

Tori ist he new elegant collection fit for all generations. The classical subtle colouring and comfortable fit make Tori an excellent choice for Club- and Team wear. The neutral design allows versatile combination options with Shorts Apego, Mino or Toka. Suit Tori Elastic, comfortable Material with inner lining. Rib collar, zipped side pockets, slim leg cut with elastic waistband.


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Light, elastic functional material with broad waistband and side pockets. Kisa is a new textile collection packed with useful accessories. Suited for sport and leisure activities, Kihon convinces with a timeless design and colors, a comfortable cut and the literal softness of cotton. Sweater Kihon Round collar, rib waist and cuffs.

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Pants Kihon Relaxed fit, side and backpockets, rib waist with string. Sweater Kihon Lady Boat neck, tapered cut and longer sleeves. Yao Collection features a casual sporty look and unites the best of two worlds: With a material mix of high quality polyester and soft cotton fibres, Yao textiles are breathable, durable in color and form while soft and comfortable to wear. Yao has been tailored to the requirements of table tennis and combines casual comfort with sporty functionality. Tapered cut. With a subtle and timeless look, Kitao fulfils any demands teams or clubs may post to a textile collection.

Santo collection features a college look that is both sporty and timeless. Shirt Santo Round ribbed collar, lightweight and functional material. Best combinable to Shorts Apego. Skirt Chiara Stylish, functional sports skirt with feminine fit. Elastic material and integrated underwear panty for comfortable wear and free movability.

T-Shirt Mito Slanted collar, light and flexible Lycra melange material for comfort and durability.

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For clubs and teams looking for high quality, yet reasonably priced teamwear, we have developed the Xero range. Shirt Xero Breathable, excellent moisture management perfect in combination with suit Xero and Shorts Mino. Easy care, quick dry fabric. Jacket and pants sold separately. Shorts Toka Much like the t-shirt, the relaxed Shorts Toka spells overall comfort.