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These working conditions --an absence of trust and respect from school leaders, an unhealthy school environment, an excessive workload, inadequate time to carry out professional responsibilities, and insufficient resources--cause many teachers to leave the profession. Teachers may begin moonlighting not only to pay their bills, but also as a first, tentative step toward exploring other career options. But moonlighting might be bad for teaching.

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Wisniewski and Hilty argue, "the reality of moonlighting mocks efforts to increase the status of the profession. So long as moonlighting remains an integral part of the teacher's world, the reforms being sought will only be partially achieved" Raffel and Groff We decided to carry out case studies on the five teachers introduced above to explore moonlighting at a deeper and more personal level than the statistical snapshots presented by most studies.

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We wanted to observe and interview moonlighting teachers in depth so their actions and voices could tell the story of how moonlighting affects their professional and personal lives. The five teachers are from different schools, all located in central Texas. We observed each teacher three times in the classroom and three times at the moonlighting site. We also did three in-depth interviews with each teacher. Participants reviewed the data we gathered for accuracy and clarified questions we had about observations and interview responses.

After completing the five individual case studies, we looked at the similarities and differences across the cases.

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Applied Economics, 33 11 , Ballou, D. Causes and Consequences of Teacher Moonlighting. Education Economics, 3 1 , Braun, V. Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3 2 , Cerych, L.

The Black Cat Diaries: When Moonlighting as a Nanny for the Third Night in a Row

European Education, 31 2 , Dickey, H. Is it all about money? An examination of the motives behind moonlighting. Applied Economics, 43 26 , Final report. Erss, M.

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British Journal of Educational Studies, 62 4 , Goodson, I. Times of educational change: towards an understanding of patterns of historical and cultural refraction. Journal of Education Policy, 25 6 , Developing Narrative Theory. Life histories and personal representation.

New York: Routledge. Narrative pedagogy: Life history and learning. New York: Peter Lang. Guthrie, H. Teachers in the moonlight.

Monthly Labor Review, 92 2 , Kimmel, J. Who Moonlights and Why? Evidence from SIPP. Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics Estonia. Tallinn, Estonia: Statistics Estonia. Until now…. The book started to sell.

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Both the hardcover and softcover editions are printed on Premium Lustre paper for optimum image quality. To order a copy, click the basket icon in the preview window above or visit here. See before your very own eyes: 40 shots in the dark, magnificent moonlight, big blue skies, derelict buildings, inhabited buildings, a couple of caravans, a s truck, the digger that built the road to Rhenigidale, a lighthouse, a fish farm, boats out of water, a church, a temple, a closure threatened school, two tractors, a penguin, a bus stop and a post box.

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