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So whenever you purchase a new item of furniture , be it footrest, bathroom stool, sofa or bed, look for options with hidden drawers or compartments that will help you do a high-speed clean sweep before visitors or unexpected guests drop in. Introduce vibrant foliage.

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Wallpaper with bold foliage patterns is all the rage at the moment, but if you don't have the time to decorate then you can get that verdant jungle feel in minutes. A neutral, dull interior is brought to life with large plants such as the cheese plant, cycas or palm.

Declutter by Debora Robertson | THE HOME OF LIFESTYLE PUBLISHING

Don't panic - you are probably far too busy for faffing with real plants and flowers. The artificial ones now available look incredible and require zero maintenance aside from a quick dust every month or so. The added bonus of fake plants is that they will save you money — there is no feeding, repotting or treating for disease, so you can sit back and admire the instant effect. There's no denying that lots of greenery makes us feel better, so this is a trend that will be here to stay.

Bathroom to spa.

Freshen up the bathroom with new bath mats and a grout pen to whiten the greying or discoloured grout around your tiles. Lots of toiletries on display will always look messy, so consider investing in a mirrored cupboard over the sink. Add a touch of gorgeous.

By the time we've tidied and organised, it can be hard to summon the energy to add those little touches that make a home beautiful and sumptuous. Reward yourself by spending 20 minutes online buying some pretty, bold and colourful home furnishings and you will see the difference. Your kit of gorgeousness. The personal touch. Finally, to make a house truly a home , it needs to reflect the people who live there.

The most common issues standing between you and an organised home

When you are busy, the photos languish on your mobile or a laptop. It won't take long to choose your favourites from the last year and have them printed. Opting for canvas will save you time because there is no need to find suitable frames. Now you are closer than you thought to a beautiful, relaxing and welcoming home. This and this are two great examples. You also want to think objectively about any pieces of decor you have.

How to find calm when life gets too busy

I have some things that do not have the most beautiful design of all time, but they mean something special to me. Those things are great! However, they might not be right for staging. If you think a total stranger would look at it and love it, keep it! An important part of staging is to hide toothbrushes, toiletries, any random items of food you might normally leave out, like butter. This is the main reason we chose to go out of town the weekend we listed our house.

Well, more accurately, these are the reasons we had to leave our house to keep it staged:. I absolutely credit the quick sale to our amazing realtor, my DIY projects , and staging. I know, this might sound like a shock.

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home!

When Jo stages, she makes it beautiful! What could I be talking about?! When a buyer is standing in your house, you want them to forget about all the work that stands between that moment and them living happily there.

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Having less in your house kind of makes it feel like an opportunity for a buyer. Less to wash and less food wasted. Paper coming in the mail I think is the easiest problem you have. Keep the bills. All else seems like advertising stuff. So, if you have everything you already need then throwing out advertising should be easy to let go of. Remember, should you need something in the future, you already know the stores you like to shop at anyway to get those things. When it comes to snacksing at home, try to elimate chips. Substitute bananas, nuts, and homemade shakes.

If you can, build shelves front to back in the closets. Even narrow shelves will store a lot of stuff. Great article! My husband and myself retired a year ago and have spent the year getting our home ready to sell.

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We have de cluttered and simplified. We are moving to a small home and plan on spending our time with experiences and not with so much stuff. You article is spot on. I honored him by leaving those alone. So far. Any hints? Yes Gwen. Take all your husbands boxes outside to garden on a sunny day, on the pretext of airing them. Then ask him if there is any of it he still wants to be patr of his life. He may surprise you and ditch it all.


Convince him to sell it on ebay. Money would go towards finally taking that trip he has always wanted, or other memorable family event to happen. Hubby would hang on to magazines, some to do with his line of work. Not there yet, but slowly making progress! These habits have been so effective. I spent so little time cleaning and decluttering because it is second nature. I am able to have guests at the drop of the hat, exercising my gift of hospitality. I have so much extra time for fun and family now, and truly feel freer.

Thank you for your inspiration, Josh. Same here. Cleaning used to be a burden. Now it is a breeze. Keep stove-table-TV-Computer and Bed. Take everything else to goodwill are where ever. And she was right. Pretend that your house is on the market and you may have a showing any minute now.

Clean and tidy with no clutter, plus organized closets will become a lifestyle. I tackle spring cleaning the same way I often approach my workouts: 10 minutes at a time! Commit to one task for 10 minutes, and if you feel like continuing on — go for it!