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The medication does this by supplementing new estrogens to replace those that have fallen in number with the aging process. Menopause is a natural loss of fertility. Therefore is it unlikely that a doctor would prescribe HRT to a woman unhappy with breast size. There is no argument that breast augmentation works, as bigger breasts are clearly evident after surgery has been performed.

However, surgery comes with risks. A breast enlargement, or simpler breast uplift, is a surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic.

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Anaesthetic comes with its own risks, alongside any potential issues with the breast surgery itself. When surgery is considered an option, a choice will need to be made between silicone and saline implants. Saline implants are inserted into the breast, and once in place they are filled with sterile water, whereas silicone implants are filled with silicone gel before insertion into the breast. Many women believe that silicone implants feel more natural to the touch, because silicone gel mimics the texture of fat.

Insertion of a foreign body into the breasts can result in rejection. This risk is lower with a reputable surgeon, but with that safety comes a high financial cost. Another risk is scarring of the internal tissues and external skin of the breast, which may change the shape of the implants. This can result in an uneven bust and breasts with lumps. Long term breast pain can also be an issue with implants.

A saline implant rupture would produce a deflated breast, with the saline water absorbing into the body. A silicone rupture would be harder to identify, and may lead to a slow leakage of silicone into the body. It is not easy to identify a silicone rupture, and an MRI scan would be needed to confirm the diagnosis. All the risks listed above would require further surgery for correction. A doctor should always be consulted about breast augmentation, as they may have details of reputable surgeons. Independent doctor recommendation is an obvious benefit to invasive cosmetic procedures, which can be risky.

Diet and exercise are time-consuming ways to potentially increase breast size, but they are the healthiest and cheapest options available. Thinner women may find that they generally have smaller breasts than their heavier counterparts. This is due to breast composition, as breasts are largely made up of fatty materials.

Therefore, gaining weight may increase breast size. Conversely, dieting will often shrink breasts, as the fatty breast tissues are reduced in size. There are certain foods which have been claimed to increase breast size too.

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These are foods that are believed by some to boost estrogen, and are often found in the natural supplements mentioned in Method 1. Alongside those supplements already listed are soya milk, beans, and seeds, which are reported to contain high levels of naturally occurring phyto-estrogens. Personal trainers and fitness instructors claim that the right type of exercise can increase breast size.

This method is based around enlargement of the pectoral muscles. Pectoral muscles sit behind the breast. As with all regular weight-bearing exercise, constant use of the pectorals will cause them to increase in bulk. The pectorals then push the breast forward, creating larger breasts. The best exercise to increase pectoral mass is to lie flat, with knees bent, and arms apart mimicking wings. Slowly bringing hands together above the breasts will flex the pectorals. Start slow, and build up to holding weights. Pectoral exercise can also strengthen ligaments which support the breasts, which can result in breast lift.

Posture makes a big difference, not only to backache, but to self esteem and overall body shape. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse off. Repeat this twice daily. You can also add it to your body lotion add apply daily. Onion juice For this to work combine honey, turmeric and onion juice together and apply on to your breast. That combination can help firm up sagging breasts and increase breast size.

To get the effective result, you should apply this treatment before you sleep and leave it until the morning. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Olive Oil Olive oil is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for breast enlargement. Regular massages with olive oil can make your breast look soft and firm.

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Furthermore, application of olive oil can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. They stimulate breast tissue development increasing their overall size.

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Mix tea tree oil and lavender oil in equal quantities and apply to your breast for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and repeat it daily for at least one month. Home Lady Speak. Lady Speak Here are some natural ways you can enlarge your breasts. By Esther Muchene 18th Jan Do this times. Supplements and pills for enhancing breast size are a good way to enlarge breast size.

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These are generally made of natural ingredients. Its a cheap and easy means to the end. Side Effects- Generally no side effects are reported. You may be allergic to any of the ingredients, check out for that. Best Thing- Easy and convenient and cost effective. Best for those who do not even want to pluck a leaf for anything what so ever! We know that breast enhancement pills are a good way to get a bigger cup size, but cream is not only safe and effective but true fun. Believe me, if you have your guy helping you rub these on your assets, well nothing can match the pleasure!!!

Creams and lotions give you the option to massage your boobs and caress them with love.

Breast massage is a good way to increase breast size. Try circular strokes around the breasts. Move your hands in a way that you end up joining at the cleavage. This way is the tested way to massage breasts. You have to at least try strokes every day for proper breast tissue stimulation. Side Effects- too much of rubbing can get your breasts swelled and sensitive.

Watch out for that.

Top 10 Foods To Increase Your Bust Size

Best Thing- Its perfect for couples. Quite an enjoyable treat for both of you! Singles need not worry, you better stay motivated! See most of the things, in fact, all of the things I have mentioned actually do help you at least increase one cup size.. Which if you ask me is not a great one given the long list of complications. I shall dwell on that too in my next articles. Yes, it does help, as milk that is produced in your breasts makes them larger.

But any women find their size shrinking back as they stop nursing. Yes, in many cases, contraception pills cause an increase in breast size. But in this case, precaution is best. Breast size may very well shrink back as you stop using the pills. Wanting increased breast size is not a bad thing, but not respecting or loving yourself because your boobs do not attract enough attention is demeaning yourself!! Do not obsess about it. You are perfect the way you are. And I love all my reader.

For any query, suggestion or solution, get in touch with me. I love sharing ideas and advice with you guys… Expecting your response sweethearts…. Know More Humor Travel. You can Jump on topics as u need by clicking on area of your interest. Yes, right after you wear it, the look is that of a fuller figure!

Here are some natural ways you can enlarge your breasts

Need I explain more??