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Four of Wands reversed indicates the foundation not laid or not ready. Five of Wands reversed indicates loss in individuality. There is a struggle to stand out among others equally talented. Six of Wands reversed indicates not getting the rewards that are owed, success delayed or even defeat. Seven of Wands reversed indicates an inability to hold your ground, especially if it is not popular. There is a lack of defending oneself.

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Eight of Wands reversed indicates lack of energy and slowness, and things are not moving in the right direction. There might be poor time management and delays. Nine of Wands reversed indicates weakness and stubbornness rather than strength and willpower. There is a waste of energy or lack of energy to save something. Ten of Wands reversed indicates fear of responsibilities, and incapability to keep on top of things. The seeker might be unmotivated and ready to walk away from their duties.

Knight of Wands reversed indicates a bully who wants to win at any costs. This is someone with acting talent who can turn his charm on and off and manipulate to get his way.

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  8. Queen of Wands reversed indicates intimidation and domination. There is a lack of faith or even worse, faith in black magic and darkness. King of Wands reversed indicates dictatorship. This is someone with a god complex and a bad temper, often very violent. Many wands in a reading can denote a time for spiritual awakening and restlessness.

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    We burn up from the inside out as we become more enlighten and eventually a full rebirth happens. Fatigue and burnouts can become a consequence.

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    Our health is our wealth. Balance is the key. Generally, Wands people are energetic, charismatic, warm, spiritual. Should a Tarot reading be predominantly Wands cards, you can be sure that you are seeking solutions to issues that are based mainly in the realm of thought, or that are in the first stages of development. You may also be seeking greater purpose and meaning in your life and will want to understand more about what motivates and energises you.

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    All Rights Reserved. All prices in USD. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Tarot Card Meanings Suit of Wands. The Meanings of the Suit of Wands.

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    In a deck of playing cards, Wands corresponds to Clubs. Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meanings. In this case, success has its drawbacks. Did you earn praise you weren't entitled to? Are you riding on someone else's coattails and failing to give them credit they've earned? Watch out to make sure you're not stepping all over others on your climb up the ladder of success. The Seven of Wands tells us that competition is going to be tough. You're going to need all your inner strength to win this time, and you're up against folks with plenty of fortitude of their own.

    Play by the rules, but give it everything you have. Watch out for the competition, because not everyone is going to play fair. Self-doubt can often sabotage our efforts. The Seven of Wands is a warning that our own sense of inadequacy can cause failure in both professional and personal endeavors. Be glad when you see the Eight of Wands show up in a spread: it's a card of revitalization and passion!

    If your sex life has been dwindling, the Eight means it's about to kick back into high gear.

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    An upright Eight indicates success, but when the Eight of Wands is reversed, it means things are coming to a screeching halt. Stagnation and indecision are going to hold you back, and nothing is moving forward. Re-evaluate the situation if you want to make anything change. When the Nine of Wands shows up, it's a sign that while you may be handling adversity well, you also might need to stop being skeptical.

    Don't let doubt get in the way of your successes. It's okay to question things and people , but don't let the questioning become a block to moving forward.

    Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

    A reversed Nine of Wands tells us that those suspicions you've had may be well founded. Got doubts about something? Think someone is up to no good? You're probably right. Now that you know the truth of the situation, react accordingly. Think of the Ten of Wands as a cautionary card: it's a warning that you shouldn't try to take on more than you're capable of handling. Shouldering burdens, especially those of other people, can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. Don't bite off more than you can chew, or you're going to find yourself run down and drained.

    The reversed Ten of Wands lets us know that all the strains and burdens of the past are just that: the past. Give yourself a break now that it's over, and allow others to do the same if they need to. Like all Pages, the Page of Wands is a messenger card. It means that good news is coming your way. More importantly, it means that the truth will be revealed. If there is something you had some concerns about, especially worries about deception, now is when you'll find out what the real deal is. The reversed Page of Wands still means news is coming your way, but this time it indicates that it's from an unexpected source.

    Be sure to validate information that you receive and the person who gave it to you. Do they have more to gain by telling you the truth, or by feeding you misinformation?