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I regret having wasted so much precious time as a child. As an adult I painfully recognize how really short life on earth is.

Life, A Precious Gift – PAMIR TIMES

To squander even a precious moment seems sinful when there is so much we could be doing — reading, praying, giving of ourselves or just enjoying this beautiful gift God has bestowed on us. My uncle had the right idea. He spent his retirement smelling both the roses and his coffee. We all have a built-in time clock that is ticking just like one of my many watches. My college roommate Peter died suddenly in I had written him a letter because I wanted him to know how much I enjoyed being his roommate and how much he had taught me. My letter was six months too late.

He was a year younger than me, but his time had taken flight.

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He would never know how I felt about him because I had waited too long to tell him. I had spent his last few ticks holding back my brotherly love from him. Voices See All See All. Latest News. Time is a precious gift from God Mar 20 Voices.

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Time is a precious gift from God By Guest Writer. This is what life is about.

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Some of these were wise. Others were foolish.

The Brevity Of Life

The distinction between the two groups lay in the fact that the wise were simply those who had prepared. The foolish had not Mt. Satan, the archenemy of Jehovah and man, has rendered no greater disservice than to infect the minds of gullible men with the notion that preparation for eternity can be made in a postmortem fashion.


Note the following:. As indicated earlier, Hinduism teaches that man is progressively reincarnated until he ultimately enters the bliss of Nirvana. Mormonism offers the doctrine of proxy baptism. This is the notion that the living may be immersed on behalf of the dead, thus providing salvation for those who did not submit to the will of God during their sojourn on earth.

Each of these theories, though perhaps originating in sincere hearts, is misguided. They represent a desperate attempt to deal with the terrible reality that many are dying lost, not having recognized, or having been sensitive to, their need for submitting to the plan of Almighty God. Your life on earth is a precious time. Do not ignore its value; do not squander it in trivial pursuits; do not let it slip away and leave you unprepared.

Human life – A very precious gift

This very day you may wish to contemplate the question: What is your life? Jackson, Wayne. Access date: October 6, Topical Index. About Contact. Works Cited Geisler, Norman. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. Skip to main content.

Time is a precious gift from God

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Life is a Precious Gift. January 16,