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Which strategy you choose depends on your circumstances and risk tolerance, says Bruno. If you have a large portfolio and plan to leave money to your heirs, "a more aggressive allocation later can make sense for those who are comfortable with the additional market risk," she says.

If, however, heavy losses in the stock market could affect your ability to cover living expenses, you may not be able to stomach that volatility as an year-old. No matter what, aim for a portfolio that includes foreign stocks, including those from emerging markets, as well as large and small U.

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Round it out with international bonds, real estate and some alternative investments, such as commodities and managed futures. To take advantage of rising yields, consider building a ladder of bonds that start to mature five years from now, says Pfau. According to this strategy, you buy a five-year bond now, then invest a like amount in new bonds in each of the next four years. If rates rise as expected, you'll earn more interest with each new purchase. When a bond matures, you can use that money for retirement expenses. If you invest in bond funds, it's the manager's job to make the most of rising rates while minimizing the negative impact on bond prices.

On the savings side, one formula is to multiply your last year of preretirement expenses, minus Social Security and any pensions and annuities, by One problem: Those formulas rely on historical market returns and don't reflect future returns, which are likely to be lower. You can, however, postpone retirement or work part-time after you leave your career job. Working longer "is a wonderful tool," he says, because it helps you save more and shortens the length of time you'll be withdrawing from savings.

You can also postpone taking Social Security benefits.

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And anyone 50 or older can make catch-up contributions to retirement accounts. Both strategies depend on your investment performance, and they trade flexibility for safety. Plus, the RMD strategy may be overly conservative because it uses a life-expectancy table much longer than that used by Social Security. In a bad year, cut back.

20 Rituals That Make Relationships Last a Lifetime

This approach combines withdrawal and investing strategies. In one "bucket" you hold enough money in cash and short-term CDs to meet essential and discretionary expenses over three to five years, and you keep the rest in another bucket invested in stocks and bonds. As you spend down the first bucket, you replenish it by taking profits from the second. Some financial planners suggest creating three buckets, the first with cash and CDs, the second with short- and intermediate-term bonds, and the third with stock and bond funds. The beauty of the bucket system is that you probably won't have to sell stocks in a market downturn to cover expenses.

A fixed annuity, which provides guaranteed income for life, can be a part of the strategy. You use the income from the annuity, along with Social Security and any pension money, to supplement or replace the part of your portfolio in cash and bonds. At today's interest rates, however, expect a modest payout. Fixed annuities lock up a big chunk of the savings you might need later.

A simple, easy-to-use formula to make sure you never run out of cash

When you take money from savings for retirement, you're generally advised to tap taxable accounts first, then tax-deferred retirement accounts, and finally your Roth IRA. Plus, tapping taxable accounts first allows your tax-deferred accounts and tax-free accounts to continue to grow. If you don't take a distribution of at least the required amount, you'll pay a penalty of half of the required amount you failed to withdraw. Generally, you should save drawing down your Roth IRA for last.

So if you don't need the money, you can let it grow and leave it to your heirs, who can take distributions tax-free. The exceptions. Now consider situations in which you might be better off departing from the standard advice. That income will be taxed at your lower rate, and you'll lower the amount of future RMDs, says Maria Bruno, of Vanguard. Do not try to change each other. You are with your partner right now for who you are. People will change when they want to change not because someone says they have to.

Spend more time with your partner. Give each other as much time as you can. Time is the most valuable gift you can give to a person and your partner needs nothing more than your time.

Spend as much time as you can with your partner, it is the only way the two of you will grow as a strong team with a blissful future. Time management is the key if you have a busy schedule, do not bring up excuses when it comes to love. Let bygones be bygones.

4 Steps to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime

Having an argument with your partner when either one of you did something wrong is inevitable. It is normal in relationships, what is really important is what you do after- and it is to forgive. Forgiveness can be hard to give especially when you feel like your partner is not doing enough to say sorry. Neither one of you is perfect, so learn to forgive. Avoid bringing up past mistakes.

You have already settled that problem and it is unnecessary to do that.

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  • Trust your partner. Trust is included when you love someone. Trust is earned and shared. Be open to your partner. Always remember that people are not mind readers. Learn to open up and discuss it honestly with your partner. They want to know. Learn to compromise. When you reach a compromise it shows how you respect each other enough to want happiness in the long run for the situation at hand. Be there for each other, even in hard times.

    You have to be the number one support system that your partner needs. In trying times, they need a solid person to listen to them, hold them, hug them or just be there.

    https://ylodapal.ml Always be that person. Always remember all the important dates.

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    Do I even have to elaborate this one? Remembering all the important dates such as birthdays, date night, and anniversaries shows how much you mean to your partner. This will also, of course, avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner. Write them on your planner, mark your calendars or set a reminder on your phone to avoid forgetting all these important dates! Do not limit the number of chances you give to each other.