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“Everything changed when I met my hearing dog Sam.”

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How many sonatas did Beethoven compose? His attentive vet is cautioning that we will need to be "prepared" but we're at a loss for "how". He seems to still have the need to go for his walks, often insisting where we go, the routes that we'll take and his reluctance to even "turn" for home. He'd just rather be out there walking. Such an attitude for a mobile two-legged dog.

Approval from Sam the dog

And with Sam's significant cardiac issues and advanced age and other attendant issues, the odds were definitely stacked against him and so we opted then as we have now, on letting him live out his days in the loving care of his family and his friends. He can still easily bring a stranger to a halt and a smile to their face. That's my boy. I love him more than anything in this world. Saturday, May 11, New Racing Wheels. Hey dad?

Yes Sam, what's up? So when are you going to install them? My old wheels are getting pretty worn down. Well Sam, let's do it now. You can supervise as usual, okay? Sure dad, let's do it.

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Ooooo, new racing wheels! Let's go try them out dad Wednesday, May 8, My Busy Saturday. Hi everyone, I had a pretty busy Saturday. First up was an early morning drive out to the groomers. Here's me after they finished grooming me up.