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It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. Think Web Strategy. I took care of me. Do you have trouble establishing healthy emotional boundaries? I would rather attend to others than attend to myself.

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I spend my time and energy helping others so much that I neglect my own wants and needs. I tend to take on the moods of people close to me. I am overly sensitive to criticism. Here are a few ways to begin the process of establishing healthier emotional boundaries. Find out what works best for you. Learn to communicate your boundaries in a clear and consistent way. Be patient with the process.

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Seduced by “The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems”

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Something that goes all the way back to ancient Buddhist teachings. Rank 2: Nine Fiver.

Brent is a punk musician, radio announcer and an all-around fun guy who is completely unable to celebrate himself. His only hope might be a man with a keytar. The worst kinds of breakups are the murky ones. Email us at loveletters boston. The impulse to reinvent after a breakup can be strong. We want to run and chop our hair off. Or change careers. Or maybe climb a mountain. Rank 1: Chapter 1: Not if, how.

On the cusp of her 39th birthday, recently divorced Michelle struggles with a complicated new romance. A drunken tarot card reading returns her to , when she first met The Scientist soon to be The Husband and all was filled with promise. Rank 2: Chapter Hold It Together. Sex, sailboats and a Dark 'n Stormy. Season 2 kicks off with first times and quantum leaps Two strangers who don't speak the same language meet in Haiti and sparks fly Plus, untranslatable words of love, and a pair of robots navigating a tumultuous affair.

Mansoor Adayfi remembers the romance classes he and fellow prisoners held while at Guantanamo Bay detention camp. How do you imagine falling in love when you know you might never get the chance to? A story we almost couldn't bring you as the audio was temporarily confiscated by authorities. Rank 1: Episode 6: End.

Much that it excludes. Rank 2: The Shadows: Trailer. Kaitlin is a young artist struggling to make great work and find great love. She believes that the love depicted in Hollywood movies is real, and that she will be one of the lucky ones to find it. When Kaitlin falls for someone who challenges her romantic ideal, she is faced with an impossible choice, and a decision that can't be unmade.

Rank 1: Sex, On Drugs. The relationship people have with drugs is complicated and a little bit messy, but not as messy as the relationship people have had with sex throughout history.

Seduced by “The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems”

Combine the two and things get interesting. Rank 2: S2 E4 Utah, Mormons and addiction. And yet, Utah, the heart of Mormonism, has one of the highest overdose rates in the U-S. In this episode of On Drugs, we hit the road to investigate why. Rank 1: Episode 2: Something Large and Wild. An unconventional love story about a teenager, the Pacific Ocean, and an encounter with something wild. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the show and review us on iTunes!

Artwork by Julienne Alexander. Sponsors: Sunbasket Virtue Zola. Rank 2: Episode 3: Always Tomorrow. A woman becomes a best-selling novelist by writing books about her first romance. This episode contains adult material. Please subscribe to the show and review us on iTunes! Rank 1: 3. When you scroll through yoga icon Jessamyn Stanley's Instagram feed, you'll see images that look pretty different from the average 'yoga' google image results. Today, Jessamyn gets real about how she embraced her yoga body and claimed space on the mat as a fat, black woman. Plus Cristen and Caroline unpack the yoga claptrap to trace the roots of yoga's whitewashed image problem back to it's unladylike source. Follow Unladylike on social unladylikemedia. And sign up for our newsletter at unladylike. This episode is brought to you by Midroll [podsurvey.

Rank 2: How to Be Girl Friends. Women's friendships: life-affirming sisterhood or hotbed of mean-girlness? From pop culture to politics, galpals are all the rage right now, so why aren't they taken more seriously? Plus, a pep talk for making friends from comedian and writer Erin Gibson. Sign up for our newsletter at unladylike.