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Sakowitz, Inc. Steck, S. State v. Wilson, S. Dallas County, Texas - Financial misconduct by employee against employer. Merit Systems Protection Board — appeal of disability determination by injured postal employee. EEOC — representation of employees claiming illegal discrimination and representation of employers defending against claims of discrimination. Department of Agriculture — representation in food stamp violation charges. Texas State Comptroller — representation of retailer in sales tax disputes. Texas Education Agency — dispute over funding of private education of severely disabled children.

Texas Workforce Commission formerly Texas Employment Commission — representation of employees and employers in unemployment compensation disputes and Pay Day Law unpaid wage disputes. Texas Medical Board — representation of physician in disciplinary proceedings. Texas Nursing Board — representation of nurse in disciplinary proceedings. Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings SOAH — appeal of license suspensions by DPS; appeal of decision by independent school district regarding schooling of autistic children; appeal of disciplinary decision of medical provider.

City of Houston Civil Service Commission — representation of employees terminated by the city. Topic: Premises Security. Topic: Security Issues Facing Innkeepers. Invited speaker to December, A.

State Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Shoplifting and theft of business property are all too common and costly. Crimes against business owners, employees, customers, and others who enter the premises are less common, but can be more tragic and traumatic when they occur. While you'll never be completely free from the effects of crimes against your business, there are decisions that you can make about your facility that can lessen the likelihood and impact of crime on your business.

Primarily, these decisions concern facility location and building security. Site selection. Where you decide to locate the facility can have a great effect on the security needs of your business. If you locate in a high-crime area, you'll likely need to invest in more facility security features than if you locate in a low-crime area.

This could lead a prospective business owner to say, "So I'll only think about putting my facility in the most crime-free area that I can find.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Another consideration is that higher-crime areas are often under served in terms of retailers and other businesses. Some small business owners have found they can make a good living by accepting the risks of a operating in a particular neighborhood where there's little or no competition. Building security features. What kind of security features you'll need will depend on what kind of business you operate, and on how severe you think the crime threat to be.


Common building security features include:. Consider timers that turn lights on at certain intervals to keep thieves guessing as to whether or not anyone is in your place of business. You may also want to have motion-sensitive lighting installed near doors and windows. It serves a dual purpose; when thieves approach your building, lights may surprise and deter them, and when you or your employees approach in the dark, it lights your way and makes your entry safer.

Depending on the severity of security threats your business faces, you may find it advisable to augment your workplace security features by using security guards. You can either employ such guards directly, or contract with private security service companies for them.

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Although you can have a guard stationed at the site around the clock, most small businesses that use security services opt for a guard that periodically checks the facility after hours. Leaving trained guard dogs to roam the locked facility after closing is another alternative. Before you decide to use security guards on your business premises, ask your insurance agent about how this affects your liability coverage.

You should be particularly careful about this if your guards will be armed, or if you will be using unattended guard dogs. The last thing you want is to end up paying a legal judgment to a burglar! Locks and key control may seem like an obvious way to increase security, but you'd surprised to know that many business owners don't take full advantage of this type of security measure.

The use of dead bolt locks, where appropriate, and the use of double cylinder dead locks, requiring that a key be used to open the door from either side, can go a long way in discouraging burglary of tempting theft targets. But locks don't help if you don't remember to use them! Be sure all doors and windows have locks and that those locks are sturdy and, above all, used. Get into the habit of checking all the doors and windows before you lock up and leave for the night.

Don't assume that because a door was locked yesterday — and because you didn't see anyone use the door — it is still locked.

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Be safe rather than sorry. As an additional bonus, an adequately locked-up facility may make you eligible for discounts from your insurer. After proper locks are installed, key control is also essential to making sure that the property remains secure. To make sure keys don't fall into the wrong hands:.

Remember, too, that locks aren't just for doors.

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There are window locks, desk locks, file cabinet locks, and even computer hard drive locks. Make sure you have keys and key control for all of them. As part of your security program, you may choose to write up your security rules and give them to your employees. You may want to include your security rules in your employee handbook, if you have one. Security is a broad issue, and you may choose to keep the focus of your policy narrow, or you may choose to address many different aspects of security in your policy. What are some of the topics that you might include? Consider including the following:.

Embezzlement or employee theft, is an equal opportunity problem for businesses of all sizes. The best way to prevent embezzlement is to recognize the warning signs that it's taking place and implementing an internal system of controls.

Guidelines to Selecting a Security Negligence, Premises Liability Expert

Embezzlement has been defined as "the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been entrusted. Embezzlement doesn't happen only to bigger money-making businesses that you read about in the news. It happens every day to the small business owner. Small businesses are also less likely to take the precautions necessary to prevent embezzlement. Unfortunately, it's a fact that small businesses can't afford to ignore. What can you do about this very real problem? The best ways to combat embezzlement are by recognizing the warning signs, establishing internal audit controls, and perhaps bonding employees where appropriate.

If you suspect there's a problem with employee theft better yet, before it occurs! Creating an environment that discourages dishonesty. While there is no foolproof system of accounting or internal control that will absolutely prevent employee dishonesty losses, an environment can be created where employee pilfering is discouraged. The first step is to review every area where potential dishonesty problems could arise, including:.

The next step would entail setting the mechanisms in place to remove the temptations that could make an otherwise honest employee dishonest. In setting up an internal audit system, it's common procedurally for most companies to divide financial responsibilities and functions so that no one employee controls all aspects of a transaction. However, every case will involve:.

Guidelines to Selecting a Security Negligence, Premises Liability Expert

If you believe you were the victim of an accident that could fall under the premises liability laws, make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to determine if you have grounds to file a claim against the property owner or any other parties. One of our experienced premises liability attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, identify the appropriate defendant s , and make certain that you receive the maximum recovery for damages including:. We have recovered millions in financial compensation for victims of personal injury cases.

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