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I love him and hope he is happy.

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I hope he is thinking about me now. I wish I had another chance. This site gives me life. I just recently met a Scorpio man online about a week ago. We have talked on the phone everyday and finally met in person this past weekend. The moment I first saw him I was completely attracted. He is so fun to talk to and I enjoy every second. He is a single dad and has an incredible relationship with his kids.

I admire him as a father. We laugh together all the time and share many stories. I was so intrigued that the first day we met I also took him to see my sister. Lol needed her approval as well, she a scorpio too he always tells me how beautiful I am and how lucky he is to have met me. Just reading everyones comments I know this is not a perfect relationship but it sounds like it will be worth the fight! Soon after chatting on the website we exchanged numbers.

We continued to chat for a bit but my mind was occupied elsewhere so it just sort of fizzled out. Fast forward to a few weeks later, went through my contacts and when I rediscovered his name I immediately messaged him. We started chatting non stop about any- and everything. He is very straightforward and blatantly stated he is a Scorpio through and through early on in our conversation. This made me go on a Scorpio research expedition, hence how I landed on here haha.

Strange thing is that it actually attracted me to him even more. Now fast forward to the first date.

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Instant attraction, and a crazy amount of sexual energy radiated from us both. As the evening progressed we moved closer and closer towards each other. Touching him at every opportunity I could. I had to force myself not to go home with him that nigth. I met my Leo papi online, we fell in love at the first glance.


He knew exactly what my heart wanted as we got to know each other. It almost felt like we had known each other in our past life. He fills me up with gifs, and the sex shoots me to heaven. Well this was spot on! We started off with a bang that sizzled and has tried to come back every once in a while over the years. More recently things have been great. I send her flowers and cards and gifts for her bday, Christmas, and Valentines day. She knows the best way to reciprocate is to tell me I make her happy.

That alone is worth more to me than anything else. However, we struggle with my emotions which causes some huge arguments between us.

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  • I struggle with explaining why I feel the way I do and with trying to justify those emotions. Sometimes my brain tells me nothing is wrong, but y heart says there is. In the past they have created a division between us that can go on for months or even over a year, which Is very hard for me because for some reason my heart is set on her, but every time we mend up the distance and things start over with a bang. I can take some hits. I usually mend the scars when we are doing good and when I feel the time is ready I explain to her why I felt the way I did.

    That helps build us up. Wooow this is more than true am a leo n my scorpio man is so interesting. I admit we fight a lot bt we cnt resist each other no mater what…ma heart tells me i love him so much bt ma leo pride always get me into trouble. But i wasnt ready for him then, he was blunt and my ego was still at its peak because I was a child back then.

    We reunited again, hanging out with the same friends, and started talking december I sensed je felt something for me but due to his past breakup with another woman 4 years ago he was emotionaly hurt and doesnt want a relationship. When we are together, i only exist in his eyes, its a connection of feeling as one, but when we are not, its like he pushes me away. He acts as he dosnt care, he flerts at other women and i somehow see that as he really cares for me but because men are always around me, he wants to get a rise out of me. I just wish someone can tell me why i feel his vibration telling me that he not only loves but adores me, and thus why does behave so indifferent as if he doesnt care at all even though its blanly obvious he does.

    Oh God. Well im a Scorpio and met my Leo online and we both felt such a connection that we both took out profiles down. After 10 days of him texting me constantly morning, and during the day asking me how my day is and every night for hours until he went to bed. And now nothing??? Very short responses after I ask him how he was feeling, he was sick but I still went to visit with him just to be by him. When I left everything was fine. The next day no morning text so I text him how he was feeling and he said bad and that was it for 2 days no communication from him?

    I am a Leo male, The best advice I can give to you is to visit your Leo in person. And make sure to buy him a gift not just any gift, the one that he likes. Show some courage, as Leo does not always like in-confident people as Scorp can be. Good luck.

    I am a Scorpio female 25 dating a Leo man 28 and we met on Halloween last year. It was a great time tho. We were together constantly over the next four months, laughing, having adventures, hiking, sightseeing, and going to the best bars and restaurants.

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    Then he had to move back to his home base in Mississippi last February. We both thought spending time together was just this fun, casual thing even though we would see each other half of each week when I stayed at his apartment, and we would talk on the phone regularly when apart. I had gotten out of a 2. Not to mention the sheets were steamy! But he had to move. He was restless and depressed for those last few weeks. He loved my home state, and we had already said I Love You to each other 3 months in while camping and watching the sun set.

    Him first, but I wanted to say it first, I think. He invited me to visit his parents in March at their new house on the east coast, and we had a great time walking around Charleston, SC, being tourists and window shopping.

    We got a hotel, checked out some sites, and made love. We both want to see where this goes long term, even though the distance sucks! Leo men are loyal, loving and supportive. They will get defensive. But if you have found one whose in the right time in their lives and ready for a real relationship, they will treat you like a Queen, be loyal as a gallant Prince, fight for you like a knight, and always be true. This is spot on its crazy. It was an instant attraction and pull towards him. We could drive each other nuts but always came back for more.

    Describing it as addictive is correct. It was intense to say the least. He brought things out in me that nobody has. And not for lack of effort. How can you go back to an existence where the flame was lit with him to now being in the dark? I miss him terribly. I am Scorpio female 24 years old and I dated a Leo man 23 years old.

    The first time I met him was at a mall during shadowing for work.