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Understanding 4. Missionaries - Unreached People groups d. Counsel 5. Spiritual Target - Harvest - Lost Friends. Read Free For 30 Days. Tabernacle Prayer Plan. Description: A study on the reflection of prayer seen in the tabernacle design. Flag for inappropriate content.

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The Tabernacle's Altar of Incense Symbolized Prayer

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Tabernacle Prayer & Fasting

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Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. Saad Younus. Derick Sherman. The Gate : Praise As we begin this journey through the sanctuary, we first enter through the gate on the east side:. This is how we are to approach God. He wants us to acknowledge and appreciate His goodness and praise Him for it. It is not just because He wants praise but because, as we are impressed with His goodness, we will be encouraged to seek Him and depend on Him more. It is for our good, not His. There is a saying: "Praise before petition.

God says He will give us " An attitude of gratefulness, thanksgiving and appreciation for what we have has actually been shown to be good for our health. The Exodus Tabernacle Part 2. Altar of Burnt Offering : Confess Sins After entering through the gates, the first object we would encounter is the altar of burnt offering. It is because the true, antitypical Lamb of God was offered for us that we can have forgiveness justification of sins.

This is where we can confess our sins to, as it were, clear our record and approach God with a clean slate. I believe that this confession-forgiveness process is very misunderstood. The confession part is where we unload our guilt, we admit our wrongs and our sinful condition.

This is an important part of the process of healing from our sinful state. Many understand this to be a precondition for God forgiving us. That it how, in the English, 1John above reads. However, upon closer study, we learn that there are different words in the original for forgive. One word describes forgiveness as it happens in the heart of the forgiver God and another expresses forgiveness as it is received by the forgivee the penitent sinner.

God never holds our sins against us in terms of loving us less when we have sinned.


In His heart, we are forgiven, unconditionally. For us to feel forgiven we have to accept the forgiveness and confession is helpful for us to realize our need and accept the forgiveness offered. This is a wonderful truth read more details that is so encouraging.

Understanding His great love for us encourages us to confess and receive forgiveness. That is what happens at the altar of burnt offering:. The Exodus Tabernacle Part 3. It is where we can pray to be conformed to God's will and understand the process of sanctification becoming holy :. God's will for us is that we follow His will and gain the benefits that are built into obedience. The Exodus Tabernacle Part 4.

The Candlestick : Pray for the Spirit On our walk through the sanctuary, we next enter the holy place where there are three articles of furniture. On our left side would be the seven-branched candlestick representing the spirit of God described as:. However, He will not impose His presence where it is not desired.

In fact, we are told of a condition of receiving His Spirit:.

Prayer Pattern Tabernacle

The Exodus Tabernacle Part 5. The Table of Showbread : Study of God's Word On the right side of the holy place, opposite the candlestick is the table of showbread with 2 stacks of 6 loaves each of showbread or the bread of the presence. Each stack had one loaf for each of the first 6 days of the week. On the seventh day, the Sabbath, the loaves were eaten by the priests in the holy place Lev and replaced with new loaves.

Bread, that we need for physical sustenance is likened to the word of God which is also needed to sustain our spiritual life. The Exodus Tabernacle Part 6. The Altar of Incense : Personal Petitions To this point, we have started our worship time with prayer at the gates of the sanctuary , we have confessed our sins at the altar of burnt offering , we have prayed for cleansing at the laver , we have prayed for the Spirit of God in our lives at the candlestick and we have partaken of His word at the table of shewbread.

The Altar of Incense Symbolizes Prayers Rising to God

Now we are standing at the altar of incense just before the curtain into the most holy place. This is where we can send our personal petitions upwards to God. Prayer is likened in scripture to incense which rises heavenward:. In Revelation there is reference to the golden altar before the throne which would be the altar of incense just before the curtain into the most holy place which contained the ark of the covenant over which was the Shekinah glory shone above the mercy seat.

Prayer prepares us to meet with God, to be in His presence. The Exodus Tabernacle Part 7. We are to compare our lives with the law of God, the eternal standard.

Where necessary, with His help we are to make changes that we might be conformed more and more to His character.