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That vision includes angels, dogs, and an infinite library of books. I was four and a half years old, and some boys told me that if I got up in the freezer in the garage that they would let me play with them. I did. I thought there would be Popsicles inside.

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They closed the freezer door, and they closed the garage door, and they ran home. My mother said it was well over two hours I was missing. In the freezer, I remember an angelic presence—actually three, but one in particular was very strong. I remember crossing over; it was very peaceful. I felt very knowing. And then I popped into this room.

It was a Greco-Roman room, and it had beautiful colors. Inside this room was a round, giant circle, and I looked down into the circle and saw movement.

There were words and sentences intermingling like strands of DNA. I looked forward, and I saw this beautiful yellow brick road. At the beginning of the road, there were bricks that went up into a pyramid. And I was watching humans pulling these beautiful golden bricks from the bottom of the pyramid, one by one, and trying to pave their paths forward. I saw people begging.

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I saw the angels swoop in and put the pavers back where they belonged. The second thing I understood is that when you pull from the bottom of the pyramid, it becomes unbalanced.

All you have to do is walk it. When we block it, make no mistake, you can get through the block battered and bruised at best, or you can shift. Until you see us on a path paving for you. And all you have to do is walk it.

Then I went into another room. They were everywhere. They told me that everyone has a purpose and there are contracts within that journey.

The Innocence and the Afterlife

Then I popped into a room where I saw angels. When they opened their mouths, the words and the music came out at the same time. Good job. These were the good souls, and the angels were praising them for having had the courage to come here. Then we let them back out to be where they want to be. When she found me, I looked like clay. She started screaming. I fell out. I split my chin open—I have a scar to remind me—and I took a breath. My mother was afraid to take me to the hospital because the freezer should have been bolted and turned toward the wall, so she sent me to bed.

I went to sleep, and when I woke up, I could see people. They just could talk to me. I was too young to know. And they were looking in my windows, at the corner of my bed, down the hallway. It was my normal. Kind of like the boogeyman—everyone has one and no one talks about it. I thought everybody saw what I saw but nobody was talking.


Near-Death Experiences: Glimpses of the Afterlife

They did in the beginning, and I can still see their form very clearly when they first die. This unique Handbook provides a sophisticated, scholarly overview of the most advanced thought regarding the idea of life after death. Its comprehensive coverage encompasses historical, religious, philosophical and scientific thinking. In addition and breaking with traditional conceptions it also explores the most recent exciting advance — digital models.

Later sections include analysis of various possible metaphysical accounts that might make sense of the afterlife including substance dualism, emergent dualism and materialism and the science of near death experiences as well as the links between human psychology and our attitude to the afterlife. Key features:. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us.

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The Afterlife

Curates the work of leading lights and emerging talents within the fieldOffers a balanced critique of both religious and secular perspectives on the afterlife Challenges the reader to engage with the metaphysical questions associated with post-mortem survival through a multi-disciplinary approach Show all benefits.

Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book This unique Handbook provides a sophisticated, scholarly overview of the most advanced thought regarding the idea of life after death. Show all.

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Table of contents 22 chapters Table of contents 22 chapters Introduction Pages Matheson, Benjamin. Hinduism Pages Barua, Ankur.