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Most apothecaries in Colonial times learned their healing methods through apprenticeships, which were common for many careers at the time. Some also studied at medical schools, but this education method was not always readily available. Apothecaries used herbs, spices and sometimes surgery to heal their patients.

They sometimes made pills, which were dried herbs that they bound with honey or other substances. Apothecaries used the experiences of those who went before them to prescribe medicines. Professionals learned which herbs had which effects on people over hundreds and thousands of years of observation. In the Colonial times, apothecaries commonly used:.

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These plants and more grew well in the colonies and affected patients in specific ways. Apothecaries would mix herbs to create several classes of medications, including pain relievers, vomit inducers, fever reducers and inflammation reducers. These professionals used Colonial apothecary herbs in many different ways.

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Not only did they create the precursor to modern pills, but apothecaries also created topical ointments, teas and concentrated liquids. They used specialized tools to make each of these types of medicines. Weights and scales were some of the most important tools apothecaries used. They measured the amount of each herb that went into a medication.

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Furthermore, they used the scales to weigh the dosages for each patient. Mortar and pestle sets were of equal importance for apothecaries. They used these tools to grind herbs into fine powders and pulps.

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They could then use these powders to make their pills and ointments. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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