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Guinevere the queen ad ad ad book 2. Harmonien og danish edition . ebook. Spectral evolution in blazars the case of cta Die besonderheiten.

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Please contact Customer Services and request "Return Authorisation" before you send your item back to us. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. Returns must be postmarked within 4 business days of authorisation and must be in resellable condition. He once acted cowardly in the Korean War, and seeks out his old Army buddy Pete Williams Keefer , who knows his secret. Pete repeatedly rebuffs Eddie's attempts to pay him, to Eddie's frustration. Eddie begins an affair with Pete's wife, Louise Talbot , and one night Eddie, triggered by a picture of Pete in his Army uniform, loses his mind and strangles her.

Eddie is arrested for murder, and this leaves Pete and Faye, who are lovers, to be together. Tony Gould Cotten meets with his mistress, Shelley, in her office after hours. When Shelley threatens to expose their relationship to Tony's wife, he kills her, but is unable to leave because the office is locked.

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The next day the police are called, and they discover the body. Ann Todd , John McIntire. Sylvia's unscrupulous ex-husband, Peter, once left her because of money, and has returned to town at Sylvia's request. John fears that Sylvia wants to kill Peter, so he pays Peter off so that he leaves.

Sylvia then shoots John for thwarting her attempt to reunite with Peter. Skip Homeier , William Redfield. Crime-obsessed best friends Tommy Homeier and Richard Redfield discuss Tommy's theory that motiveless murders cannot be solved. In order to prove this theory, Tommy decides to murder a random person that Richard picks out from a phone book. After the murder is done, Tommy discovers that the victim is the man that Tommy's ex-wife had left him for; Richard picked him on purpose for revenge, as Tommy had once stolen the same woman from Richard.

Mildred Natwick. Traveling in France, elderly Englishwoman Millicent Bracegirdle Natwick accidentally locks herself in the wrong hotel room with a corpse. She eventually manages to escape, and learns that the dead man is an accused murderer who had died of a heart attack. When Eldon publicly confronts Wayne over this, Eldon loses his wife and his job. With nothing to lose, Eldon challenges the much stronger Wayne to a gun duel.

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Wayne agrees, but shoots Eldon without warning. When the police investigate, they find that Eldon is prohibited from carrying a gun. Fran uses various tactics that nearly get her in trouble with the police, but just manages to pay off the debt in time.

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She promises to never gamble again, but soon after succumbs to temptation and places a new bet. Eve Tetzel and Jordan McKay Ross's marriage is on the rocks, and their morning argument is interrupted when gun-wielding Chester Lacey Shepard breaks into their home. Lacey is on the run for murder and needs a hostage; Eve and Jordan try to convince Lacey to kill the other.

The Poisoned Pen: A Paisley Sterling Mystery

When Lacey is about to kill Eve, Jordan intervenes and Eve helps her husband. After Lacey is arrested, the couple is open to reconciliation. Jacques Bergerac , Susan Kohner. Andre Doniere Bergerac is a veteran traveling home with his friend Corp. Marcel Marchand, who saved his life.

Doniere makes a phone call to his aristocratic family, asking if they will accommodate his friend, who lost his leg. Robert Emhardt , Jeanette Nolan. Waterbury Emhardt wants to buy the house owned by elderly Sadie Grimes Nolan , despite her demanding a price five times the house's worth. Grimes tells Waterbury how her son was killed by an unseen figure in that house over stolen loot, and the loot was never found.

Grimes put the house on the market to trap the killer, because only they would agree to the exorbitant price for the sake of the loot. Waterbury confirms her suspicion, but he dies because Grimes has poisoned his drink. Barbara Bel Geddes , Michael Rennie. Lucia Clay Geddes is haunted by the sound of a foghorn , and cannot recall why. She pieces together memories of her falling in love with Allen Bliss Rennie , a married man.

Allen was killed in a boat trip, when a liner crashed into them in the fog. To Lucia this happened only a few days ago, but in actuality 50 years have passed. Gary Merrill , Patricia Cutts. While traveling on a plane, war correspondent Ted Franklin Merrill strikes up a conversation with fellow passenger Barbara Denim Cutts. Franklin is under arrest, and is traveling with a police inspector on the way home to be tried for a murder.


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Once he has told her his story, Franklin learns that Denim is a witness who is going to testify against him. Dennis Morgan , Estelle Winwood. Homicide detective Dennis O'Finn Morgan lives next door to a group of elderly women who are smitten with him. Miss Hildy-Lou Winwood murders two of the other ladies solely so that O'Finn will visit them for the murder investigation.

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O'Finn, horrified to learn of their motive, transfers to the arson department, only for the remaining ladies to set their house on fire. Robert Horton , Betsy von Furstenberg. Walter discovers that Herbert had faked his death to get away from Laura, and blackmails him for money. When Herbert confronts the pair with a gun, Walter is shot non-fatally, and Laura absconds from both men with the money. Barbara Bel Geddes.

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John McGiver , Vivian Nathan. Statistics-obsessed Harold Goames McGiver feels unimportant in the world and starts committing crimes in order to become "significant". After committing auto-theft and robbery, he murders his sister Margaret Nathan and confesses to the disbelieving police officer his reasons. For his last statistically-significant act, Harold commits suicide.

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Norman Frayne Best grew up in an orphanage and feels undeserving of his wife Paula Bard. Al Brodie , a man from Norman's past, arrives and blackmails Norman over a crime that they committed 12 years earlier. Norman believes that Al is having an affair with Paula and plans to blow them up with dynamite. When Paula insists that it is untrue, Norman lets himself be blown up so that Paula will be free from Al's threats and Norman's past. Charlie wants to kill Celia, whom he believes murdered his wife, but Celia protests her innocence and is determined to care for Charlie regardless of his feelings.

John leaves after making them promise not to hurt each other.