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I know it was the right decision.

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Want examples? Look around you! Talk to people about any topic in which they spent a ridiculous amount of time in mental exploration, reinforcement, and justification: religion, politics, abortion, child-rearing, and education, for examples. Their positions on topics such as these are stubbornly persistent and tenaciously resistant to change. What brands of cereal do you eat? One last thing you should know about the ELM. Attitudes devel- oped using central route processing will last longer than those formed by the peripheral route. Simply put, logic and reason burn themselves into the brain far more deeply than good feelings created by visual cues or other emotion-stimulating catalysts.

The following technique is based upon the influence that can be exerted by using the right cue for the right occasion. In preparing his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion , he took three years and went undercover performing a variety of jobs to watch influence in action.

Posing as everything from a used car salesman to a telemarketer, he studied the words and behaviors that move people to comply Comparison: The power of your peers. Liking: The Balance Theory. Authority: Cracking the code of credibility.

Reciprocation: What goes around comes around You look like that geek from our gym class! As an advertiser, this is a godsend. Because if I can successfully convey the message that my product is the one that a certain group should choose, then my sales could snowball simply from creating this mindset.


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For example, I used to work with a woman named Dianne. She used to sell everything from candles to baskets.

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I watched many succumb to the pressure of the liking cue. She had the kind of person- ality that made you instantly like her. But what about the quality of the candles and baskets she sold? Because it was the internal pressure to accommodate or please Dianne—driven by the liking cue—that caused so many people to buy from her. Just sign the form and fork over the cash. No wonder most ads feature happy, attractive faces smiling out at the consumer from the pages of magazines, newspapers, and direct mail catalogs. Psychologists say: Identification.

All of us are in- terested primarily in ourselves; no one is more important to you than you. When an ad shows a picture of a handsome, important-looking man, for example, other men will identify with that person, step into his shoes, and briefly become handsome and important-looking themselves. This same principle applies to women. This is a prime example of the peripheral route to persuasion in action.

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Using an official, intelligent, or authoritative figure to promote a product saves consumers the trouble of researching or examining the issues, and they simply accept the facts and claims as being true. In fact, before the FCC cracked down on it, many advertisers hired actors who played doctors in popular TV shows to endorse their aspirin, cold remedies and other medical-related products, fully outfitted in the doctor 59 b02 cash ch 2. The viewers knew these people were just actors, yet they were still persuaded by the powerful authority cue built by their characters.

What authority in your industry does your target market re- spect? Do whatever you can to get a testimonial or full-blown endorse- ment. Pay the authority to do a short video you can use on your Website or on a DVD. Then add a list of persuasive facts, figures, and scientific-looking graphs, and the authority cue can help you make a lot of money.

Did you ever wonder how these companies could afford to give away freebies with every first order? The reason is reciprocation. Why does it work?

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Because the company has given you something, and you accepted it! The four- page survey may contain tedious questions, but the dollar makes you feel that you should do it. Walk through many major U. Jay Siff, a wonderful client of many years, uses the reciprocation principle to the hilt. What can you give away to start the reciprocation ball rolling? You want to give something of value. A gift certificate?

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  6. The reciprocation mindset is initiated when you give something to someone as a gift. Give a free flea and tick collar. Give a free rye bread or a box of chocolate chip cookies. Give a free water bottle. Give a free shine. Give a month of free lessons. Give 50 free photocopies. Give a free bunch of flowers.

    Give a free lighter. Give a free slice. Whoever you are, give away something Your logic cannot deny that this chamber has no windows and no doors. Which offers a rather logical challenge You create an ad that poses four questions to your prospect, with each answer leading logi- cally to the next, until, at the end of your ad, your prospect is all but committed to making the purchase Cialdini, Would you please sign my petition to help reduce neighborhood crime and make our streets safer?

    So you sign away. And so you will. And now you can do little else but gulp, reach into your pocket, and hand over the cash.


    You were a lab rat in an experiment, and you behaved exactly as anticipated. Because you did, however, the petitioner had already pre-closed you, and the natural next step was to simply extract your moolah. A way that gives you instant and total control over even the most savage pound, drug- blitzed maniac who has the gall to try to intimidate—and possibly terribly injure—you and your family?

    Introduc- ing The Tesla Sizzler Without this social pressure, the ad relies on a multitude of copy and design techniques to encourage you to read the whole sales pitch and then pick up the phone and place your order. Effectively written long-copy direct-response ads do exactly this. Simply, we want what we cannot have. Take the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of People went bonkers trying to buy these ugly vinyl-faced dolls. They knocked over display tables, screamed, cursed, and fought like rabid cats in department stores. One particularly unruly crowd of 1, would-be Cabbage Patch 63 b02 cash ch 2.

    Wielding a baseball bat, the man- ager kept the frenzied buyers at bay. Too funny.

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    And too late. The scarcity effect had already thrust its hooks into the American doll-buying conscious- ness, and that, in turn, fueled even greater demand. And it might continue to annoy you the entire length of the movie or until your flight lands. When someone took it from you, there was nothing you wanted more. Inter- esting how we humans are wired. The most common manifestation of the scarcity principle is the use of lines such as one-day sale, limited offer, only while supplies last, or first come, first served, all which make the product appear in short supply, and therefore increases consumer interest.

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    The success of this tech- nique is apparent—every business uses it! Using the scarcity cue is like using a deadline, except scarcity also suggests exclusivity, not simply limited supply. But hurry! The point is clear. Even worse, you could actually harm your business with ads that leave your prospects with an inaccurate or totally incorrect interpretation of your intended message—something that could negatively affect you for a long time.

    Communicating clearly and plainly takes practice. But fret not. Principle Examples vs. Statistics— And the Winner Is Which is more persuasive: examples or statistics?